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1. November 2022

Content of CDM/JI Pipeline
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CDM project distribution within host countries by region and type

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Approved CDM methodologies

You will here find 3 tables: one with all the approved full scale CDM methodologies arranged according to type, one with the approved small scale CDM methodologies, and finally a table showing how many of the submitted new methodologies that are approved.

Methodology numbers CDM project activity
Accumulated number of 372  new submitted large scale methodologies
Methodology numbers (Please see the full table in the spreadsheet)
This table categorises the methodologies approved by the Executive Boards. The category name e.g. ”Cement”, ”N2O” etc. is written at the top of each section of the table.

The number of times the CDM projects in the pipeline have used an approved methodology is shown in the column to the right in the table.

AM = Approved Methodology ACM = Approved Consolidated Methodology The red colour means that the AM has been withdrawn due to the creation of an ACM.


Allowed combinations of methodologies for Programmatic CDM
All combinations that have been used in small scale CDM can also be used for PoAs.


the average time it takes to get a new methodology approved/rejected for: Large-scale CDM projects, small-scale CDM projects and A/R CDM projects.

In average it has taken 311 days for a full-scale CDM methodology to be approved from the deadline of submission. It takes 213 days for a small-scale methodology to be approved, and 360 days for and A/R methodology to be approved.