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1. January 2023

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CDM project distribution within host countries by region and type

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This page contains a table listing the Designated Operational Entities (for CDM) and the Accredited Independent Entities (for JI), and the scopes they can validate/verify projects for.

Applicant entities and scope of CDM and JI Operational Entities / Independent
   Entities used
Applicant entities and scope of CDM and JI
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The table above shows all the applicant entities, and the scopes for which they have been designated (in yellow), both for CDM and JI. When a scope is in bold it means that the DOE/AIE also has been designated for verification.


Operational Entities / Independent Entities Used
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This table shows how many CDM projects each DOE has validated/verified. It also for each DOE shows how many of these projects requested registration; the percentage of these projects that had a request for review (or more: correction request, a review, rejection or withdrawal); and the percentage that had a review (or more: correction after review, rejection or withdrawal).