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1. November 2022

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CDM project distribution within host countries by region and type

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JI projects

This page shows the distribution of all JI projects and track 2 JI projects by type and by host country.

Status of JI projects
Number of JI projects in %
Projects and kERUs
Number of JI projects
Status of JI projects
The above table shows that most of the JI projects are CH4 reduction including fugitives (40%) and energy efficiency (29%) , and most of the ERUs are generated by Fugitive projects.


Number of JI projects by type in %
This graph and the JI graph on the overview page show that renewables take most of the projects, but CH4 reductions (mainly reduction of losses in natural gas pipelines) most of the ERUs.


Host country for JI projects, number of projects and kERUs
 There are 206 Track 2  JI projects in the Pipeline  (1 was rejected and 26 withdrawn) and 555 Track 1 projects. 

49 track 2 project have finalized the determination - 41 of them have got issuance, one project was rejected, and 26 have been withdrawn.

448 of the track 1 projects have got issuance.


Number of JI projects by host country
This histogram shows that Russia and Ukraine are hosting most of the JI project.