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1st November 2022

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This page show some of the most important tables/graphs in the Pipeline, they cover the subjects of all the pages and are not repeated on the other pages.

Status of CDM projects
Number of CDM projects
CERs until 2012
CDM project registrationAnnual ERUs from JI
Registered projects over
Review history

2141 Million CERs have been issued.  At this moment 30 MCERs can be transfered to Article 6.


Number of CDM projects starting the public comments period each month, the number of them that have requested registration, the number of them that have CERs issued, and the number of them that was rejected by DOEs.

No new CDM projects were added to the pipeline in ay 2022


CERs expected until 2020 in CP2 from CDM projects in each sector
While 71% of the CDM projects are renewables, they  take 55% of the CERs in CP2. Energy efficiency takes 9% of the CERs  for Supply-side EE and only 1% for Demand-side-EE (see sub-page on types).


The monthly average time delay from the start comment date to the date of registration has now decreased to about 100 days.


ERUs expected until 2012 from JI projects ( % in each category)
While 18% of the 761 JI projects are renewables, they only take 3.6% of the ERUs. CH4 and fugitives reduction  takes the majority (53.8%) of the ERUs.


The number of registration actions by the Executive Board each month

The registration actions in Ocotber 2022 were for 0 projects


Review history

The graph above shows the total number of project requesting registration each year (we use the date of signature in the request registration letter from the DOE). The yellow bar shows the number of these projects, that are registered automatically. The graph shows that this fraction has gone down from 92% in 2005 to 31% in 2008. After that the system improved and in 2012 94% was again registered automatically like in the beginning of CDM. Now 98% are registered automatically.